Is It Time to Downsize?

When you have lived in a house for 20 plus years, making the decision to move can be difficult and often delayed too long. There are so many memories and stored possessions that just the thought of moving can easily cause sleepless nights.

Seniors are motivated to move from the house that they raised their families in for some of the following reasons:

• They no longer want to or are able to maintain the property

• They want to live year-round in a warmer climate

• They want to live closer to children

• They want a fresh start for a new phase of their lives

• They want to live in a seniors only community

Some seniors look at moving with excitement and anticipation and look forward to meeting new people and living in a fresh, new environment. For them it is a time to shed life’s clutter and start anew. Most often, these people are in good health and are very active.

Others, especially those who are not as healthy or who have slowed down their pace a bit, need guidance and support to make the move. The move may be seen in bleaker terms as “giving up the house” rather than as “moving to a new lifestyle.”

The best time to sell your house is in the spring to early summer. It is true that there are many more buyers this time of year because most families want to be in the new home before the school year starts in September. It is wise to consult with a realtor prior to listing your house for sale to get input as to which, if any, repairs and improvements should be made prior to selling. A good agent understands what will help the house sell faster and for more money, and at the same time keep you from spending unnecessary money in improvements.

There are many professionals to help you make the move. One company can do an assessment of your needs and help you choose the perfect living environment. Another company helps you physically downscale your possessions and helps with packing and moving. When choosing a realtor, look for one with the SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) if you want to access his/her special knowledge of the seniors market.

And –– most importantly–– ask questions. Understand your options before making any decisions.


Written By: Sandi Lichtman, SRES

Sandi Lichtman is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist and the principal of Lichtman Associates Real Estate, Inc. She can be reached at 856-795-7890 or

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